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As a designer one of the hardest things is pulling out the concepts from the clients mind.  Merging your style with the clients vision is not an easy task. Really listening to your clients needs will enable you as a designer to relax into the creation of the clients vision.

There are many designers out there that don’t have a process for setting up a project to succeed. This is the steps I use for guiding my clients through the creative process:

INTEGRATE – ” What can Right Brain Do for You” ( this is where I really pay attention )

LEARN – Next I ask if they have any concepts for their design, color choices, themes, feelings.

VISUAL COMMUNICATION – Next, set up Pintrist account and have client post examples of similar designs.

RESEARCH – This is the most important part of any design or project.

CREATE -Sketch out rough ideas and concepts.

PRESENT – Then I offer multiple choices of design and tell client they can mix and match ideas to give me a better understanding of what the client likes.

From here I hone in by communicating with client on things and LISTENING to what they like about design and  the things they don’t like.

Finally I combine all designs into one main design and then present to client again.

Next has 2 options of possible outcomes:

1. Great!! They love it. You completed your task and get paid ( Go have a drink on yourself – Great job ) or

2. Back to the drawing board and rinse and repeat.

So as you can see, creating designs for clients is very similar to trying to read minds. The more the designer is prepared the more the client is prepared and a much better product will be created when communication and customer service come first in your design process.

Author: Lee Kancher

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