The Importance Of Mobile First!

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Why developing mobile first solutions are the ONLY SOLUTIONS!
Tv is not the main source of media for our INDIGO Generation We are interactive and of this day an age always searching, looking for new information while finding the best ease of use while using any application, We are not even watching tv from the couch its from our computer, Ipads, Iphone, Apple Tv, Xbox, Ps3 Etc, the list is endless, almost 30% of views are on the smartphone, and 67% of people use multiple devices, this is why mobile first is important! We want to give our online user the same “user experience” So if we have a different mobile app not set up or very similar to our website, you have now lost your purpose completely, think of it as a experience in a chain restaurant each Fridays you go to has the same type of experience right? So you keep going back to Fridays no matter what state or geo location you are currently visting. This is what we are accomplishing with mobile first the same Experience through out each process, so its easy to find the exact same product,service, or information they are looking for because they are familiar with the mobile to the pc version, and we accomplish this with out to much change! This is why your clients, customers, and new users will keep coming back, with the right mobile first solution.

Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.
Albert Einstein

Author: Lee Kancher

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