Social Media Marketing (Small Business)

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Social Media Marketing

1- Your Website.

Essential that your Website is professionally developed. Your Website is your office or storefront on the Web; you want to portray your company the same way the Fortune 500’s do. Those guys spend thousands on their Websites because they know the importance it has in today’s more tech-savvy marketplace.

2 – Understand your audience

You might have a strong grasp on your clients, or customers, but but it’s quite another to figure out their search patterns and on-line behavior. How they search the web? What Patterns? How are they findings your products or services? Do yours attract them? Right Brain Group uses Google Analytics to track all information on devices, locations, even keywords, to say the least.

3 – Content Plan

I highly recommend to have a content plan so we can deploy your campaign over the next few weeks or even months, at least 10 articles, ads, images, blogs stories, anything that will build your company a sort of cult following, before we even start with a promotional product or discount, I think it is important to ease into your campaign or events, Soon your content will become organic and you will be releasing information daily, for the passion of your business.

4 – Creating a “Sales Awareness” With content or Purpose

This is where we would plan on how and when to distribute what content, when and why we are releasing this information, the internet is about building trust, so your articles need to be relevant along with your content is cohesive with your brand or campaign. You would like someone to appreciate your art, music, product, work anything before you consider selling something to anyone, intriguing articles, wicked graphics, awesome product examples or even mocks ups will = more success…

5 – Distributing your Campaign

Posting your articles to 3rd party (facebook, twitter, linkedin,google plus + Websites, before posting to your site can result in you losing authorship (or mothership) of the article, picture, video, as far as Google’s algorithms are concerned. Google likes unique content, so the author Or website (meaning the first to publish the page) gets credit for your website, and will also get more SEO value for your information, or product.

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