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Know Your People!

A small piece of software in Notion that allows you to start managing your contacts with great views of People & Brands, US Cities, US States and Countries. Walk with confidence that you know your tribe.

Upon purchase, you will be redirected to a Receipt  with a link to access and duplicate the template to your own Notion. ⚠️ Please be patient with the duplication process as per the cities database is over 28k lines. We estimate the process to take about 20min. If you have any question feel free to contact us for support at [email protected]

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📦 In The Package

  • 3x’s Logistic Tools: Countries, States, Cities
  • 2x’s Brand Tools: Contacts and Brands
  • 1x Dynamic Dashboard Cities, States, Countries
  • Extra: Notion Page Templates

🧩 Included

  • All U.S. Cities included
  • Instantly duplicable templates
  • Lifetime Access
  • Changelog to track template changes

🧠 Quote:

When our goals are clearly defined and intelligently set, you have, in essence, taken a major step toward programming your left brain. That frees your right brain to be its creative best.

~ Zig Ziglar


Take a look inside the software:

Light Mode:

Contacts & Brands by city

Dark Mode:

Contacts & Brands by city

⚡ Dynamic Dashboards

The Flow is centered around process oriented business management while putting the people at the core of the system. Ensuring that the user has exactly what they need when they need it, along with a clear idea of what there next steps are going to be. Allowing for smooth workflows. We applied these concepts to this template to allow for dynamic cities, states and countries as you add you brands and contacts on the main dashboard.

🇺🇸 All U.S. Cities Included

Also included are templates that give you great top down views when you are prospecting for contact and brands by city, state and country. We hope this template helps save you some time. All U.S. Cities are included in this template allowing for you to save time on adding your contacts and brands to your Notion System. Get ready to Enter The The Flow >> Good journeys and happy Notioning.


People & Brands by city

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About the Owner:

I’m Lee Kancher! Founder & CEO here at Right Brain Group LLC. I’m an avid gamer, pet lover & ‘Notion Addict’! I’ve been working hard at becoming a superhero 🦸🏻‍♂️ over the last 15+ years, I’ve struggled with how to defeat the day to day battles with time 🕰; daily chores, managing clients, admin tasks, relationships and family duties. All while keeping the creative spirit flowing in order to align to Right Brain’s core values. With so much to do, and what felt like so little time, I was ready to build my own robot 🤖 army of assistants.

Until I found Notion, it has turned the tides and I feel as if I’m becoming an army of one with my company.