5 Successful Strategies to Market Your Business Reopening

Naomi Johnson

Business Reopening, Even as the world continues to deal with the challenging and devastating global pandemic, more and more businesses are starting to reopen their doors. Some are stepping back into business as usual without too many changes, while others are making a fresh start—or at least trying to.

If you are reimagining your business for the post-COVID world, you’ll need to rethink the way you market your products and services. Here are some of the best tips from the marketing pros who have found success through thick and thin.

Invest in your brand

A brand isn’t just your logo or the colors on your website; it is the story of who you are. That is the story potential customers will connect with and they will want to be a part of. Your brand is also about your values. Now more than ever, customers want to put their money in places where they feel like their beliefs and principles are shared.

Know what your audience is into

When it comes to making your brand more visible, you need to know what styles connect with your audience. Looking to connect with an outdoorsy audience, younger folks with a soft spot for national parks and off-road vehicles? Put your logo on camping gear, fanny packs, or beanies. If your audience is more energetic and athletic, add your logo to games, tailgate accessories, and sporting goods.  

Form a Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Many small business owners invest a great deal of their own money to reopen their doors. From a financial standpoint, you can save money and take advantage of special offers. Forming a limited liability company (LLC) opens doors to specific tax breaks, limited liability insurance, better chances at approval for business loans and credit cards, and options for a business line of credit. These are all very effective ways to finance a marketing strategy—it’s cliche, but you do have to spend money to make money.

Dress your employees for success

When you open your businesses’ doors back up, it’s time to put a fresh face forward. Consider passing this desire on to your employees, too. From polos monogrammed with your logo to messenger bags with the company name, you can create a seamless impression of your brand through your employees. You can even use this technique with the items your employees use on a regular basis. If you invest in new laptops, you can add stickers with your company’s logo to tie them in with your business. Customers will see your employees as an extension of your company, and their branded quality merchandise will leave lasting impressions.

Get creative with user experience

The economic world operates a little differently these days, and that means small businesses have to, as well. Think of ways to expand your business through more diverse channels, like adding e-commerce to a brick and mortar store or delivery to a restaurant. Think of the new normal at home, too. More and more parents are working remotely, while their children are also going to virtual school. Your company needs to provide a solution to a pain point in their lives—the way we are living now.

When it comes to marketing, no business—big or small—can afford to get it wrong. For opportunities to grow your brand with timely, high volume orders, consider working with a professional as a marketing partner. The results speak for themselves.

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