Is Apple Secretly watching your online experiences? – Right Brain Group Apple is back at it again. With the introduction of the Iphone 5, they are wanting to know your every search, so they can target your online location and display ads that pertain to what your interest are. Hmm… So is this a…
Companies at war. Well at least Apple was at war. Their strick guidlines which did not allow Adobe Flash on mobile devices or tablets, has basically paved the way for the Android world to come along, impact the final blow to a beautifully constructed program, to enter into the future of the mobile world….
Meet GavernWPA free, responsive WordPress theme based upon our powerful GavernWP framework We happily release to the WordPress community our first-ever FREE theme for WordPress 3.4, called Meet GavernWP. Based upon a brand-new version of the GavernWP framework, this wonderful theme boasts interesting new features. This is a must-have theme for WordPress users, particularly…
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