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14 Mar 2013

Service is king! Reading peoples minds?

As a designer one of the hardest things is pulling out the concepts from the clients mind. Merging your style with the clients vision is not an easy task. Really listening to your clients needs will enable you as a designer to relax into the creation of the clients vision. There are many designers out there that don't have a process for setting up a project to succeed. This is the steps I use for guiding my clients through the creative process:
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05 Mar 2013

codrops - CSS3 Champions

Always looking for ways to improve myself and my company. This time I have been exploring the creative world of CSS3 and trying to integrate it into my Wordpress sites. I have learned a lot from this amazing site, Codrops. I would like to give big props to these guys.
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18 Jan 2013


I usually would never write about a book, but today is a new day. I read this book in 1 hour, its only about 90 pages, A really easy read, you gain more from this that you would ever believe, this book is the original secret, the original think rich grow rich, if you ever believed in any of theses concepts this is the holy grail of books,
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18 Jan 2013

The Importance of Passion.

I have now been working for myself for about 4 years and I have loved every second of it. Don't get me wrong, it has not all been easy but those times that are the toughest are the times where I grow the most as a human being. I have learned that before I had made any decisions on what to do with my life I needed to be passionate about lif
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