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by Dr. Brain

Meet GavernWPA free, responsive WordPress theme based upon our powerful GavernWP framework

We happily release to the WordPress community our first-ever FREE theme for WordPress 3.4, called Meet GavernWP. Based upon a brand-new version of the GavernWP framework, this wonderful theme boasts interesting new features. This is a must-have theme for WordPress users, particularly with its built-in support for Responsive Web Design.This theme allows you to easily produce websites based upon the Responsive Web Design concept, thanks to functions provided by the GavernWP framework. In addition, use of the JSON format makes modifying the management panel and the theme's configuration a breeze!This theme allows rules for widgets to be specified, such as identification of the subpages upon which a given widget is visible, and to whom and to what device types it is visible. Widget styling is also made to be extremely easy!The theme's typography includes many solutions and ideas for enriching entry content. Moreover, built-in typography buttons located in the post editor make all of these elements easily accessible.This theme comes bundled with many features beyond what's mentioned here. So don't wait – check out the benefits of this new, no-cost WordPress theme now!

Most Powerful Features


GavernWP Framework

All our themes are built on the GavernWP - one of the best, intuitive and customizable framework for Wordpress Themes.    

Custom Typography

Add style and pizzazz with our built-in typography features: code listings, quotes, text blocks with icons, tooltips, and more.    

Responsive Design

Our responsive themes ensure your site content displays beautifully and intuitively on all Web-browsing devices!    

Custom Fonts

All of our themes come with integrated support for both Google and Squirrel fonts through the options panel.    

Social API

Let users log in using their Facebook account, and easily add social media buttons to your site (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc...).    

Widget Management

Thanks to a mechanism of specifying additional rules for widgets, it is easy to specify on which subpages a given widget is visible.    


You're excited about HTML5, and so are we! All our Wordpress themes are now completely HTML5 based.    


Extensive use of CSS3 provides effective stylization and effects; enhance your Web presence without sacrificing its semantic structure or performance!    

Cross-Browser Support

All our Wordpress Themes are fully compatible with all modern browser like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer 8 and 9.  
Author: Lee Kancher

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