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I have used many many mail clients, I have even setup my own email scripting software on my shared hosting server, Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, Godaddy You name it, I have used it!

What I have found using your own. The problem is their are sever sending limits, 10 per day 100 per day Etc, or if your emails are not “verified” you risk a suspension in your account.

With Constant Contact, Mail Chimp and the big names its about Price, the usability are all the same a custom html email blasts is a custom email you just need a server to send out the emails.

Monthly Pricing Displayed ( Constant Contact & Mail Chimp)
– 500 $15
– 500- 2,500 $30
– 2,501-5,000 $50
-5,001-10,000 $75

Although mail chimp does give you a free solution in lacks features.

Godaddy If your a developer or designer, Is the most inexpensive
Monthly Prices with Unlimited EMAILS!

500 Subscribers 9.99
25,000 Subscribers 12.99
10,000 Subscribers 19.99

This by far the best deal on the internet

Author: Lee Kancher

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