Cost-Effective Marketing Tips for Reopening Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Amy Collett

If your local business is like so many others right now, you’re tirelessly working to come up with solutions to the disruption brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Maybe your business has been able to operate at limited capacity, or maybe it’s still completely closed. Either way, the pandemic is still in effect, and no one knows when it will be over. 

But here’s the thing: at some point, restrictions will continue to loosen, and the pandemic will end. And your business not only needs to be prepared for reopening, but you also need to have a plan for letting people know about it. Here are some practical, cost-effective tips for how you can market your business’s reopening during and after the COVID-19 pandemic:

Get some working capital. 

No matter how many measures you take to save money, making improvements and getting the word out about your reopening will require you to invest. If your business is struggling, you may be wondering how you can take on anything else. Fortunately, there are important options for financial assistance like funding and grants specifically tailored for small businesses during the pandemic. SBA Express Bridge loans, the Main Street Business Lending Program, and the ZenBusiness Grant Program are just a few examples.

Shape up your website. 

When it comes to marketing your business’s reopening, your website should be a top priority. After all, more consumers than ever are finding businesses online, and pretty much all of your marketing material will lead people to your site. Make sure your website is attractive, easy to navigate, and contains professional content that informs visitors and promotes your brand.

Moreover, a  great website will help to generate more leads for your business. Hiring a professional website design company like Right Brain Group is worth considering because it will save you significant amounts of time, energy, and money in the long run. 

Communicate your actions. 

You can take every action feasible to keep customers (and staff) safe after reopening. But if no one knows about how you are responding to the pandemic, it will greatly hinder the number of people who show up. Use every cost-effective channel at your disposal for communicating to customers what changes you are making during and after the pandemic. This means using everything from social media to email, from physical flyers to notifications on your storefront.

Incentivize consumers. 

You will also need to give people an incentive to come to your business once it reopens. And you can do this in many ways. Abiding by safety guidelines established by the CDC is a great start, but that may not be enough to draw people in after a long hiatus. Think of additional services you can provide, such as curbside pickup and home delivery. 

Also, come up with a variety of re-opening specials, exclusive in-store offers, and other discounts and promotions that will make customers choose your business. These offerings may seem like an investment upfront, but they can do wonders for increasing sales and making money in the long term.

Take On Some DIY Projects.

Lastly, it’s important not to forget about the store itself. Consider any DIY projects that you can tackle that will improve the appeal and function of your store. This might include repainting the storefront and interior, adding new signage and product displays, rearranging the store’s layout, and doing anything else that will help freshen up the location. 

There are many projects that you can do yourself, which means that you will only be paying for materials. And be sure to post photos of your updated store online so that people know about the changes you’ve made.

No one needs to tell you about the importance of having a strong reopening for your business. And for that to happen, people need to know about it. Remember to look into funding, upgrade your website, and communicate to your customers what steps you are taking in response to the pandemic. Finally, make sure you provide people with an incentive to visit your business, and think of any DIY improvements that you can make to your store.

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