The Importance of Passion.


I have now been working for myself for about 4 years and I have loved every second of it. Don’t get me wrong, it has not all been easy but those times that are the toughest are the times where I grow the most as a human being. I have learned that before I had made any decisions on what to do with my life I needed to be passionate about lif

Is Apple Secretly watching your online experiences?

Is Apple Secretly watching your online experiences?

Is Apple Secretly watching your online experiences? – Right Brain Group Apple is back at it again. With the introduction of the Iphone 5, they are wanting to know your every search, so they can target your online location and display ads that pertain to what your interest are. Hmm… So is this a good […]

Email Blast, Email Marketing (Best and Inexpensive Solution!)

I have used many many mail clients, I have even setup my own email scripting software on my shared hosting server, Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, Godaddy You name it, I have used it! What I have found using your own. The problem is their are sever sending limits, 10 per day 100 per day Etc, […]

Why Website Live Chat is Important (Help On Click)

Help On Click is at the top of their game another player in the website enchancement business, how to increase your sales by 20 % would be to use live chat, you can see who is broswering your website, ask if they need help with something, wait for the customer to chat with you , or even […]

Why no Pad Lock? SSL Security

Have you ever installed ssl on your server? Then and have unsecure errors? If you have a tough time trying to figure it out,  what is not in https:// is giving you the warning. Most of the time if using wordpress it’s in the theme header.php from google fonts, sometimes its in your regular inbound […]

Event Espresso WordPress Ticketing Plugin

Event Expresso wordpress plugin on the top of their game. This plugin features custom ticketing, Custom registrations, seating charts, Iphone Apps, and More! The customer can sign up online and get sent a custom ticket with a QR Code, when the customer gets to the door , you can scan the ticket with your Iphone or android […]