Event Espresso The Only WordPress Ticketing Plugin

I cant help but to applause the guys at event espresso , their support is impeccable, the software is seem less and they keep adding new features monthly! The features are so powerful and if you are a website developer with a nice business this is a MUST HAVE WORDPRESS PLUGIN, to offer to your […]

Is Apple Secretly watching your online experiences?

Is Apple Secretly watching your online experiences? – Right Brain Group Apple is back at it again. With the introduction of the Iphone 5, they are wanting to know your every search, so they can target your online location and display ads that pertain to what your interest are. Hmm… So is this a good […]

What is A Responsive Website?

What is A Responsive Website? – Right Brain Group – Most website from the past were taken straight from a design and built pixel to pixel, but today with the technology available such as HTML5 and CSS3 and the amount of devices and browsers out there, the thought process needs to be reconsidered. A Responsive […]

Firefox and 3D Website Layer Views

Ever wonder how to look at your website in 3D, Cant find a layer your trying to edit in CSS well Firefox 15 has just that a 3D view of your website, its very useful when wanted to make edits and changes, to pin point a specif CSS file and change to see in the […]

How to gain more likes, on Social Media Sites!

Social media Unlock lock your youtube videos and content, you can lock any video you wont, the broswer wont be able to view the information unless they like your video. Powerful! Features Lock any YouTube or Vimeo video behind social buttons, no way to play until social actions are completed! Even works with short youtu.be […]

Microsoft’s Surface tablet no threat to Apple’s iPad – Computerworld

According to IDC, the iPad will account for 63% of all tablets shipped in 2012. said Ezra Gottheil of Technology Business Research. s probably more manageable, and it comes from a vendor that IT is more comfortable with. t be a major impact on the iPad.” said Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets, in a […]

The New Macbook 2012

The new MacBook Pro is priced starting at $2,200 for a machine with a 256 gigabyte flash memory drive, 8 gigabytes of RAM, and a 2.3 gigahertz quad-core Intel Core i7 Ivy Bridge processor. While it is noticeably thinner than the previous-generation MacBook Pro, users upgrading from a MacBook Air will definitely feel the additional […]