Service is king! Reading peoples minds?

Service is king! Reading peoples minds?

As a designer one of the hardest things is pulling out the concepts from the clients mind. Merging your style with the clients vision is not an easy task. Really listening to your clients needs will enable you as a designer to relax into the creation of the clients vision.

There are many designers out there that don’t have a process for setting up a project to succeed. This is the steps I use for guiding my clients through the creative process:

codrops – CSS3 Champions

codrops - CSS3 Champions

Always looking for ways to improve myself and my company. This time I have been exploring the creative world of CSS3 and trying to integrate it into my Wordpress sites. I have learned a lot from this amazing site, Codrops. I would like to give big props to these guys.

Event Espresso The Only WordPress Ticketing Plugin

Event Espresso The Only Wordpress Ticketing Plugin

I cant help but to applause the guys at event espresso , their support is impeccable, the software is seem less and they keep adding new features monthly! The features are so powerful and if you are a website developer with a nice business this is a MUST HAVE WORDPRESS PLUGIN, to offer to your […]

The Importance Of Mobile First!

The Importance Of Mobile First!

Why developing mobile first solutions are the ONLY SOLUTIONS! Tv is not the main source of media for our INDIGO Generation We are interactive and of this day an age always searching, looking for new information while finding the best ease of use while using any application, We are not even watching tv from the […]

What is A Responsive Website?

What is A Responsive Website?

What is A Responsive Website? – Right Brain Group – Most website from the past were taken straight from a design and built pixel to pixel, but today with the technology available such as HTML5 and CSS3 and the amount of devices and browsers out there, the thought process needs to be reconsidered. A Responsive […]

How to gain more likes, on Social Media Sites!

Social media Unlock lock your youtube videos and content, you can lock any video you wont, the broswer wont be able to view the information unless they like your video. Powerful! Features Lock any YouTube or Vimeo video behind social buttons, no way to play until social actions are completed! Even works with short […]

Email Blast, Email Marketing (Best and Inexpensive Solution!)

I have used many many mail clients, I have even setup my own email scripting software on my shared hosting server, Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, Godaddy You name it, I have used it! What I have found using your own. The problem is their are sever sending limits, 10 per day 100 per day Etc, […]

Free WordPress Responsive Theme By Gavick

Meet GavernWPA free, responsive WordPress theme based upon our powerful GavernWP framework We happily release to the WordPress community our first-ever FREE theme for WordPress 3.4, called Meet GavernWP. Based upon a brand-new version of the GavernWP framework, this wonderful theme boasts interesting new features. This is a must-have theme for WordPress users, particularly with […]

The best website hosting around. Only $6.99 a month!

The best website hosting around. Only $6.99 a month We have been with for over 5 years, They have some of the best support, the fastest servers, and you can have unlimited Emails! Don’t settle for, they are a 3rd party provider, and suck you into their super bowl advertising schemes, go for […]

The Importance of HTML 5

 HTML5 is so important is the use of mobile devices to access the internet. This is the new wave for mobility, so adopting HTML5 is a must. iOS and Android are both here to stay so if developers want to enlarge their market share and save time from duplicating apps with two different OS’s, HTML5 […]