5 Successful Strategies to Market Your Business Reopening

Business Reopening

Business Reopening, Even as the world continues to deal with the challenging and devastating global pandemic, more and more businesses are starting to reopen their doors. Some are stepping back into business as usual without too many changes, while others are making a fresh start—or at least trying to. If you are reimagining your business […]

Cost-Effective Marketing Tips for Reopening Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic


If your local business is like so many others right now, you’re tirelessly working to come up with solutions to the disruption brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Maybe your business has been able to operate at limited capacity, or maybe it’s still completely closed. Either way, the pandemic is still in effect, and no […]

9 Key Principles to Agile Methodology

9 Key Principles to Agile Methodology

The agile methodology ensures businesses run at maximum efficiency even when outcomes are unpredictable. The philosophy applies to everything from human resources to marketing to new product launches. Originally, agile methodologies were common in the information technology (IT) world for developing software…

Service is king! Reading peoples minds?

As a designer one of the hardest things is pulling out the concepts from the clients mind. Merging your style with the clients vision is not an easy task. Really listening to your clients needs will enable you as a designer to relax into the creation of the clients vision.

There are many designers out there that don’t have a process for setting up a project to succeed. This is the steps I use for guiding my clients through the creative process:

Social Media Marketing (Small Business)

Philadelphia Branding, Web Design & Social Media

1- Your Website.

Essential that your Website is professionally developed. Your Website is your office or storefront on the Web; you want to portray your company the same way the Fortune 500’s do. Those guys spend thousands on their Websites because they know the importance it has in today’s more tech-savvy marketplace.

The Importance of Passion.

I have now been working for myself for about 4 years and I have loved every second of it. Don’t get me wrong, it has not all been easy but those times that are the toughest are the times where I grow the most as a human being. I have learned that before I had made any decisions on what to do with my life I needed to be passionate about lif

The Importance Of Mobile First!

Why developing mobile first solutions are the ONLY SOLUTIONS! Tv is not the main source of media for our INDIGO Generation We are interactive and of this day an age always searching, looking for new information while finding the best ease of use while using any application, We are not even watching tv from the […]

Is Apple Secretly watching your online experiences?

Is Apple Secretly watching your online experiences? – Right Brain Group Apple is back at it again. With the introduction of the Iphone 5, they are wanting to know your every search, so they can target your online location and display ads that pertain to what your interest are. Hmm… So is this a good […]