Android lays Adobe Flash to bed after Apple wouldn’t let flash into the mobile playground.

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Companies at war. Well at least Apple was at war. Their strick guidlines which did not allow Adobe Flash on mobile devices or tablets, has basically paved the way for the Android world to come along, impact the final blow to a beautifully constructed program, to enter into the future of the mobile world.

Adobe pulled Flash Player from Google Play because it hasn’t developed or certified the software for use with Android 4. 1 “Jelly Bean. ” The version of Adobe Player available from Google Play has mostly existed to enabling “uncertified” installations of Flash Player on devices with Android 4. 0 and earlier.

It’s amazing that in the time that Apple denied access to them that Adobe would not upgrade their systems to appease Apple. They were a Major player 5 years ago, Maybe they could have been in contention now with Amazon ,Google and Apple if they had done so. It amazes me. With the knowledge that we all have now how could Shantanu Narayen, the CEO of Adobe let this happen. I mean this does not destroy Adobe with thier strong hold on the creative market right now with Adobe Creative Suite 5, which contains Adobe’s Photoshop plus all the other industry standards for design, but it does limit their future in the mobile world.

There only internet friend left is Microsoft. And they are not such a bad friend to have.

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Author: Lee Kancher

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